Sunday, August 31, 2008

What's on the Menu?

Tuesday: New poll
Wednesday: Before/After surprise post 
Thursday: Hitting the Streets... Colors winner announced
Friday: Prize Night (check out the next "Coming Soon" to learn more about Prize Night) 
Saturday: New Hitting the Streets... Ingredients
Sunday: New What's on the Menu?

P.S. Be sure to vote on the new poll, open Tuesday-Friday. It will be located in the top right corner of the blog! Thanks! :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hitting the Streets... Colors #1

Here is our first Hitting the Streets... Colors!! What you will do is make a card or a scrapbook page using all the colors below. It is due on Wednesday at midnight. The winner will be announced on Thursday. If you have any questions email us at If you want to participate, take a picture of your creation and put it on a comment or email it to us. The winner gets acknowledged on our front page and their card/scrapbook page is shown for everyone to see! Finally, here are the colors:

n n n

Mossy Green, Dark Blue, and Cream White

Good Luck! And make sure you vote on Tuesday in the next poll for Hitting the Streets... Ingrediants!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Coming Soon...

Coming soon to Taxi Cab... Hitting the Streets. It will either be a Hitting the Streets... Colors or a Hitting the Streets... Ingrediants.

If you see a title posted Hitting the Streets... Colors, its an opportunity for you to make a card with the given colors on that post.

If you see a title posted Hitting the Streets... Ingrediants, its an opportunity for you to cook/bake something with the given ingrediant(s) on that post.

That's not all either. If you see Hitting the Streets... Jewelry you can make a piece of jewelry using the item given and the last one is Hitting the Streets... Random.

Hitting the Streets... Random is where you make a craft using the object we gave on the post.

After you're done with the card, food, piece of jewelry or craft take a picture of it and send it to our email...

P.S. If you cooked/baked something, send the recipe along with the picture.

What's on the Menu?

Every Sunday we will post "What's on the Menu" which is like our blog schedule for the week.

During the week we will just be working on finishing up the blog but on...

Saturday: A new Hitting the Streets...Colors.
Sunday: A new What's on the Menu?

Read our following post called "Coming Soon..." to learn more about Hitting the Streets...Colors!

Summer Scrapbooking

One day we were sitting at Blair's scrapbooking table making a page for her summer scrapbook. We found pictures of her flipping at the Lake (lake of the ozarks that is)! Blair made most of it and Carly gave her ideas. Here's how it turned out...

Our Very First Post!!!

This is our first post on our very first blog: Taxi Cab. You all are probably wondering why we named it Taxi Cab and we will tell you right now. We wanted to name the blog C.A.B. because it's the initials for Carly and Blair. However, Blogger wouldn't let us name it that short. And the first thing that came to our mind when we said "cab" was a taxi cab so that's why our awesome blog is named: Taxi Cab!