Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hitting the Streets... Ingredients #1

It's our first Hitting the Streets... Ingredients! You all voted and the ingredient is brownie chunks. You can cook/bake anything you want and send it in... as long as it has brownie chunks in it. (We will also be making something, so if anyone enters, we will post our recipe and food, plus yours too!)

How to enter:

1. Create something yummy using brownie chunks.
2. Take a picture of it and type up the recipe.
3. Send the recipe and picture to our email: or comment on this post it onto your blog and comment with a url to your blog. 
4. The winner will be chosen by the best looking food and will be put on the front page of our blog.

It is due on September 10 at 11:59pm. 
Good Luck!!! =]
Make sure you vote starting Tuesday on the next Hitting the Streets...Jewelry!

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