Sunday, September 21, 2008

What's on the Menu?

Welcome to Taxicab! Take a look around! We've got tons of new stuff on our site. Hope you like it... feel free to comment! Anyways, here's this week's schedule:

Tuesday: New poll

Thursday: Hitting the Streets...Colors round-up

Saturday: New HtS... Ingredients

Sunday: What's on the Menu?

Agian, a pretty normal, regular schedule. There might be a little surprise in there...? Depends on how busy we are during this week. Anyways, be sure to participate in the new HtS... Colors! We've found some pretty good paper to use with this one! And be sure to vote on Tuesday's HtS... Ingredients poll! It will be located toward the top right of our blog. Thanks for visiting Taxicab! :)

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