Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hitting the Streets...Ingredients #1 Round up

There was one person who entered in this Hitting the Streets...Ingredients and that was Joni. She created an icecream parfait using the brownie chunks. Since she is the first person to successfully make a creation for a "Hitting the Streets", she will receive a prize that we have not yet decided. We will post the prize and acknowledge her in a later post. If you enter in the next "Hitting the Streets" you might qualify for another prize just like Joni. Well...now here is her parfait recipe and picture.

Choco-Brownie Dream Parfait!


  • vanilla ice cream

  • chocolate syrup

  • brownie chunks

  • chopped walnuts

How to make it:

1) Put vanilla ice cream in a bowl and add chocolate syrup (as much as you want)

2) Stir until smooth and creamy.

3) Add brownie chunks and toss gently

4) Put in a parfait glass and top with chopped walnuts and more brownie chunks

Now... here's ours. We made mini brownie pies.


  • brownies

        • pre-packaged grahm cracker crusts already in mini pie pans

        • pecans or already crushed pecans (optional)

        • chocolate or caramel syrup (optional)

        • vanilla ice cream

        How to make it:

        1) Bake brownies in a 13x9 pan.

        2) Cut brownies into bits about 1"by1/2".

        3) Scoop ice cream into a bowl and stir it up until its pretty smooth.

        4) Scoop the smooth ice cream into the pie pans.

        5) Put them in the freezer for 15 minutes to cool the ice cream.

        6) Take them out of the freezer and lay the brownie chunks on top.

        7) Put them back in the freezer for 15 more minutes

        *8) Take them back out of the freezer and drizzle caramel or
        chocolate syrup over it.

        *9) Sprinkle crushed pecans over them.

        10) Eat!!!

        **Steps 8 and 9 are optional.

        Make sure you vote on whether you want the next Hitting the Streets...Jewelry to be with Wire and Beads or Hemp and Knots. Hope you liked this Hitting the Streets...Ingredients!

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